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"The Leonardo" Luxury Skeleton Watch

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Keep Your Streetwear Steampunk Inspired


OUPINKE's brand image is an eagle, symbolizing nobility and power. OUPINKE uses an eagle with open wings as its brand logo, which represents dignity and glory. The logo design has sharp edges and corners and sharp cut textures, just like tough precious metals. It not only reflects the extreme and sharpness of the watch design, but also expresses the personality and attitude of the watch wearer. The beauty of a gentleman is outstanding and glorious and supreme.

Innovative Dual-layer Structure

An innovative dual-layer structure breaks visual conventions and enhances every visible perspective. Building on the OUPINKE esign full-hollow form, a strengthened sense of metal and sharp lines, breaking the traditional design concept

Sapphire Crystal for Supreme Scratch Resistance

Possessing the exact chemical makeup as natural sapphire, the second hardest known element, the crystal is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and scratches and is the material we use on all of our mechanical watch faces. Second only in hardness to diamond, the mirror can withstand a lifetime of use and remain looking exceptional.

3D swiss Luminous

adopts Swiss high-brightness luminous powder, powerful luminous display, illuminate your night

OUPINKE Design Exclusive Strap

Supple silicone with 3D cube texture. Original sweat-proof design provides ergonomic comfort, and quick release spring bars afford effortless strap attachment and removal.