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7 Of The Coolest Looking Male Steampunk Characters In Games

March 05, 2017

7 Of The Coolest Looking Male Steampunk Characters In Games

Video games offer some of the richest and most unique interpretations of the steampunk genre which you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. From the magical airships of the Final Fantasy series, to the dark and gritty Victorian-Gothic underworld of the Thief games- if it's great steampunk you want, go start gaming.

WIth that said, here are some of the best steampunk outfits for men that have been featured in games:

Jacob (Assassin's Creed Syndicate)

While it's set in Victorian-era London, Assassin's Creed Syndicate isn't that steampunk per se. The game offers an almost semi-realistic portrayal of London as it should look like in the late 19th century (but with the game's trademark Assassins and Templars conflict, of course).

However, the developers seemed to gave in to the pressure of adding a steampunk twist to the game by offering a DLC that added steampunk-inspired costumes to Syndicate's two protagonists, the twins Jacob and Evie Frye.

Called "Dr. Daniel's Garments" this particular costume pack for Jacob gives him goggles (a steampunk staple), a top hat, as well as a revamped look for his usual overcoat. He also gets some brandnew steampunkish weapons too!

Booker Dewitt (Bioshock Infinite)

Bioshock: Infinite is steampunk Americana come to life. The whole place of Columbia is powered by machinery and steam, and most of the items that you use in-game are delightfully steampunk-ish too (such as the iconic Sky Hook).

Booker Dewitt is your steampunk everyman. He wears pin-striped pants (like what old timey-soldiers would wear), a short vest, and a long-sleeved top with its sleeves rolled up. If you're going to cosplay as him, make sure to accessorize with a Sky Hook or a shotgun to complete the steampunk look.


Garrett (Thief series)

Thief is set in dark and gritty world that takes heavy inspiration from the steampunk genre. As such, its main protagonist, Garrett, wears clothes that reflects the aesthetics of his surroundings.

Garrett wears a half-face mask and cowl, as well a tight-fitting suit decorated with an intricate pattern of leather, ropes, and straps. It's just the perfect thing to wear for a deadly assassin like him.

Sir Hammerlock (Borderlands 2)

Sir Hammerlock is fabulous and his refined ways is reflected in the clothes he wears. The most obvious part of his outfit is his mechanical arm and leg. The rest is standard's old-timey hunter's outfit, with brown khaki pants, khaki top, and a hunter's cap on his head. He also wears a monocle for some reason.

Big Daddy (Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2)

Though the first two Bioshock games were set in the 1960s (with much of their game design inspired by the aesthetics of the 1920s-30s Art Deco movement), its most iconic character won't look out of place at a steampunk convention.

Big Daddies are Splicers (a mutated human) whose bodies were grafted into extremely large and heavily-armored diving suits. They have been conditioned to act as protectors of the Little Sisters, which are genetically altered little girls who go around the world of Rapture harvesting ADAM from humans (you use ADAM to help your character power up).

Anyway, the Big Daddies are very imposing at the get go. Their diving suits are extremely bulky. Though the Big Daddy featured on the Bioshock cover art has a drill on its hand, there are other several types of Big Daddies in the game who uses different weapons and have slightly different variations of the diving suit.


Dwemer race (The Elder Scrolls)

The Dwemer in The Elder Scrolls games were mechanically and technologically advanced race of elves who mysteriously disappeared from history. All of their machinery were powered by magic and good old steam power, and were so efficient that they still manage to operate hundreds of years after the race was wiped out.

And if it's steampunk with a fantasy twist you're looking for, then check out Dwemer armor. Half-man, half-hulking piece of metal, this suit of armor comes in a bright golden color, with highly stylized designs decorating it its entirety. The helm comes with a scary face mask that can scare even the toughest of enemies.


Robot (Machinarium)

If you're tired of the same old dire and dreary videogame worlds, then try Machinarium. This cute little robot lives in a steampunk world full of puzzles, and he's just raring to go solve them all. His costume looks like he was made out of old pieces of metal, which gives him a charm that any other robot characters from other games can match.