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8 Awesome Examples Of Steampunk Outfits For Guys

February 21, 2017

8 Awesome Examples Of Steampunk Outfits For Guys

A question we often get asked here at Steampunk Heaven is how exactly can one incorporate some Steampunk vibes into their outfits. In this article, we're going to cover some easy ways to add some Steampunk style to any guys look.

Below are some examples of looks that have really gone all out and added some Steampunk style to all aspects of their outfit. This might be a little overwhelming for some, but remember, you can always start small and just incorporate small things here there, like a ring, watch or glasses. 

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So without further ado, here are 8 awesome Steampunk outfits for men!


Here we have an awesome Steampunk look on display. First thing you will probably notice is the various Steampunk items located on the mans arm. In addition to the lights, dials, and gauges ( which all provide a unique addition to the Steampunk look ), the arm is decked out in nice brown leather.  



This awesome outfit showcases the do it yourself style present int a lot of Steampunk designs. There's so much to love about this one, from the goggles, the gears that are subtly attached to various pieces of the outfit, and the dark brown leather that harkens back to victorian style.  



This subdued Steampunk outfit showcases a high class variation of the Steampunk look. The Victorian jacket, pants, and gloves combine beautifully with the goggles and pocket watch to create an awesome Steampunk aesthetic.    



Another gorgeous looking high class Steampunk outfit. Although this outfit lacks some of the more obvious Steampunk pieces, you can still see the influence from the beautifully designed Victorian jacket and vest.    




Here there's a great example of a do it yourself Steampunk outfit. The jewelry adorned with gears and mechanical dials, brass goggles, and what looks like a pocket watch chain dangling from his waist really bring out the Steampunk vibe in this look. Add all of that to a great look leather coat and you've got yourself an awesome looking Steampunk look for guys!  


Another fantastic looking, high quality Steampunk outfit for guys. At the base layer you can see the Victorian era collared shirt covered with a brown leather vest. An awesome wrist watch, ring, and goggles round out the Steampunk look while keeping it classy.    



Here we see an example of the post apocalyptic Steampunk style. Notice the tattered and torn overcoat, the protective goggles, and respiration. Other notable features are the awesome looking rapier and leather wrist cuffs.



In this headshot we have a close up of some awesome looking, hand crafted Steampunk Glasses. Also worth noting is the head cap which provides a great addition to this Steampunk look.


We hope you enjoyed these examples of Steampunk outfits for men. If you'd like to add some more Steampunk style to your own look be sure to checkout our catalog!

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