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7 Classic Examples Of Mens Steampunk Outfits From Movies

June 27, 2017

7 Classic Examples Of Mens Steampunk Outfits From Movies

There's a decent chance you probably caught your first glimpse of Steampunk through movies. The combination of great lighting, special effects, and of course bad ass outfits can leave a lasting impression.  

Whether you're a world famous actor or not, if you're a guy looking to showcase some Steampunk style, take a peek at our catalog here: The Steampunk Heaven Catalog. 

With that said, here are 7 great examples of mens Steampunk Outfits in Movies. This isn't a complete list by any means but it showcases some great examples within the Steampunk genre. 


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes adaptions has always been popular and the latest movie adaptions are no exception. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson both rock some classic Victorian style with a Steampunk twist. One just needs to take a quick look at the costumes in their world full of Steampunk technology to see the influences right away.



Ben Kingsley's outfits in the movie Hugo are good examples of subtle Steampunk style. Kingsley’s outfits are a perfect complement to the cool tech in the film and the different layers of clothing are what really bring the look together and evoke a Victorian style look.


The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is a fantasy-adventure film about a poor orphan who lives in an alternative reality filled with some fantastical technology clearly influenced by Steampunk. Sam Elliot in this movie plays a cowboy themed character that also rocks some clear Steampunk elements. Steampunk and Westerns, a match made in heaven.


The City of Lost Children

In this classic science fiction movie filled with Steampunk influences, Ron Perlman plays a carnival strongman. But more importantly he rocks some pretty sweet Steampunk style. One of the cooler outfits he wears in the film features this classic looking double buttoned jacket seen below. The film is full of Steampunk influences so be sure to check it out!



Ben Barnes and Charlie Cox in the movie Stardust both wear some pretty bad ass outfits influenced by Steampunk. The movie features some awesome Victorian inspired sets and costumes as shown in the screenshots below. Be sure to check this film out if you're looking for some awesome male Steampunk outfits to emulate.


Van Helsing

Van Helsing is a classic movie about a monster hunter sent to Transylvania to bring down Count Dracula. This film has some great Steampunk aesthetics and it's immediately noticeable thanks to the main character, Van Helsing. Just take one look at the screenshot below and you'll see why.



The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

In an alternate Victorian Age world, a group of famous contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and adventure characters team up on a secret mission. But more importantly, the look bad ass in the process. Sean Connery in particular showcases some awesome Steampunk style as seen in the picture below.


We hope you enjoyed these examples of classic Steampunk outfits for men from movies. But Steampunk style shouldn’t just be for the movies. If you want to add some more Steampunk style to your own look be sure to check out our catalog!

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