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7 Cool Showcases Of Women's Steampunk Inspired Clothing And Outfits In Television

June 08, 2017

7 Cool Showcases Of Women's Steampunk Inspired Clothing And Outfits In Television

Steampunk fashion is becoming more and more prevalent in television as this awesome genre becomes more and more popular. In general, there are some common elements in Steampunk outfits for Women.

Waist Cinchers and Corsets:

Since a core element of Steampunk is based in the Victorian period, the fashion prevalent in that time period forms a key part of the outfits for women including waist cinchers and corsets. However, in steampunk fashion, you can wear the waist cinchers and corsets over your blouse or shirt.

Fishtails or Bustles:

These are some other fashion elements that were popular during the Victorian period. Women of that era did not wear trousers or pants and had to wear skirts in which bustle or fishtail designs were prominently displayed. Steampunk aesthetics for women’s outfit offers innovative variants to these elements and you can opt for shorter bustle dresses or leather straps to complete your steampunk look.

That being said, this is certainly not a rule and you'll find plenty of women's Steampunk outfits that feature pants, early 20th century traits, Wild West features, and even post apocalyptic styles.

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So without further ado, here are 7 popular television shows that showcased the Steampunk aesthetic. Some of these shows are fairly removed from the Steampunk sub-genre, but various episodes have featured elements commonly seen in Steampunk fashion, as you'll see below.


The famed TV series, Castle, is fairly far removed from the sub-genre of Steampunk. However, a few of its episodes did feature some clothing which showcased a Steampunk influence. Check this example of of Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) donning a black corset with a cowgirl hat, showing off a chic steampunk look. 


Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 is a popular science fiction television series that featured the Steampunk aesthetic through some of its characters. The show’s female lead, Joanna Kelly (Myka Bering) is seen flaunting gorgeous Steampunk outfits, one of which shown in the image below features a Victorian Era gothic waistcoat with jewelry. 



A science-fiction based fantasy series, this Canadian show features Steampunk elements in various innovative ways. This includes a few Edwardian Era flashbacks and creative props loaded with Steampunk features. Here the lead Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) is shown wearing a simple yet classy black leather outfit showing off a clear Steampunk aesthetic. 


The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne

This sci-fi TV series blends perfectly with the Steampunk sub-genre thanks to its characters. The protagonist Jules Verne especially, as she can be seen with various Steampunk styled props and flaunting Victorian era style. Here, the female lead, Rebecca Fogg (Francesca Hunt) is seen wearing a decorated corset on which a bejeweled leather belt is adorned in an elegant fashion.



The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

This is another great TV show that introduces to the masses some essential steampunk elements. Despite being a Western show, it had a lot to do with time traveling, futuristic elements as well as anachronistic technology. In the below image, the female lead, Dixie Cousins (Kelly Rutherford) is seen wearing a Victorian period short bustle dress with a bow on the back and black netted leggings to add a steamy look to the character.


Murdoch Mysteries

This television series is based on Maureen Jennings’ novel series is travels back the late 19th and early 20th centuries where forensic science and technological innovations are common. Here a couple ladies from the show are seen wearing Victorian era bustle dresses with prevalent Steampunk elements.


The Wild Wild West TV Series

No, we're not talking about the movie but the 1965 television series that gained the favor of audiences because of its James-Bond-in-cowboy-outfit concept with several glamorous women hovering around the lead, Jim West, in their short bustle dresses and striped tights. The series showcases Steampunk inspired technological advancements and of course some very awesome looking Steampunk-esque outfits for women. In this image, one of the shows characters is seen wearing the typical Victorian period bustle dress. Also take note of some of the cool Steampunk looking devices on the set.

Now that you've seen how popular steampunk outfits for women have been over the years on the small screen, get ready to update your wardrobe with the latest Steampunk clothing!