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5 Awesome TV Shows Influenced By Steampunk

January 07, 2017

5 Awesome TV Shows Influenced By Steampunk

Inspired by the great works of writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, steampunk is a sub-genre of fantasy and sci-fi seemingly obsessed with Victorian technology and the aesthetics. Quite similar to our present time but a bit utterly different, the 19th century might have been the very last period in the history when both technology and the world around us used to explore steampunk and it seemed to hold a promise of mystery and infinite excitement. Here is a tiny bit of that great sense of adventure. Below are the 5 best Best Steampunk TV Shows:

1. Murdoch Mysteries

Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary is one man who's always ahead of time. In 1895, he pioneered investigative techniques like trace evidence and finger-printing. In addition to that, Murdoch also manages to invent new technologies such as sonar for the purposes of investigating. With such a brilliant policemen, it's not a surprise that the crime rates in Canada have gone down. Despite of his obvious genius, William Murdoch doesn’t just solve cases alone. He is assisted by a crew of other characters as well. The Steampunk influences are easily noticeable in this show. With tons of Victorian era fashion and technology ahead of its time, the Steampunk influences are on full display here. For these reasons, we think and self respecting Steampunk fan will get a ton of enjoyment out of this show.

2. Dracula

NBC’s show Dracula re-imagined a classic horror book by Bram Stoker as a revenge tale. Alexander Grayson is a charismatic businessman who brings his latest discoveries to Victorian London. However, he is actually Dracula, a vampire that's bent on revenge against the secretive Orders of the Dragon that accused his wife Ilona of witchcraft and later executed her. Things quickly spiral out of control from there. Fans of the Steampunk aesthetic will love this show for the beautiful Victorian atmosphere. From the architecture, clothing, and setting, fans will feel right at home while watching this binge worthy series.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist: The Brotherhood

Set in a world where the industrial revolution was sparked by alchemy rather than technological inventions, the Fullmetal Alchemist TV show follows brothers Alphonse and Edward Elric. These 2 alchemical prodigies are in search of a way to restore their bodies with a fabled Philosopher’s Stone. In the process, they later discover a conspiracy about the strong artificial beings referred to as homunculi who turned the country to a military dictatorship and led to a long-running war with the distant desert land. This show is clearly heavily influenced by Steampunk. Between the Victorian era clothing the characters wear, the antique, early 20th century technology the characters wield, and overall atmosphere found within, this show is a must watch for any self respecting Steampunk fan.

4. Penny Dreadful

Set in a fog-shrouded underworld of Victorian London, this show truly has everything: magic, monsters, mad science, mystery, mediums and mysticism. Perfect for Steampunk fans. Penny Dreadful is a glorious mess which cherry-picks all the best elements from classic Victorian horror-based stories. In the 1st season alone, you get to see Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster all involved in a story about the demon-possessed Vanessa Ives and Sir Malcolm Murray, the veteran explorer, who were scarred by their encounters with the minions of Dracula. If you consider yourself a Steampunk fan, don't miss out on this one.

5. Sanctuary

For a person who was born in mid-19th century, Dr. Helen Magnus is a remarkably modern-day scientist who is investigating Abnormals (the fantastical creatures that hide among us). Will Zimmerman is a forensic psychiatrist who has accidentally stumbled upon the secret world of monsters and gods. Together, the embark on a quest to aid the abnormals with the help of plenty of awesome Steampunk technology. If you're a fan of crazy, ahead of its time, Steampunk technology, you'll probably like this show. That's in addition to all the wonderful Victorian era fashion and gothic architecture on display within this show. Don't miss this class. And if you're interested in checking out more awesome Steampunk stuff, be sure to check out our shop:

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