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How to Integrate Steampunk Fashion with your Outfit

June 19, 2019

How to Integrate Steampunk Fashion with your Outfit

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Guide

If you are reading this, chances are you are as much of a Steampunk enthusiast as I am. In case you are just starting your Steampunk journey, check out our Quick Steampunk Fashion Guide here. When thinking about Steampunk Fashion, I usually first think of elaborate outfits; everything is perfectly matched from toes to your hair. Quite overwhelming – I know! But you don’t have to go all the way out with your Steampunk Outfit. Nor do you have to go to special Steampunk events to be “allowed” to wear Steampunk clothes. Just use a few little tweaks here and there and Steampunk-Up your daily outfit. The best part? Playing around with your outfit can brighten up even the most mundane Monday. Say bye-bye to your Monday blues!

Steampunk Watch: Checking time has never been this exciting

One of the most iconic Steampunk pieces is the pocket watch. While we mostly picture Victorian gentlemen casually check the time by pulling out their pocket watch, they are not limited to men. In wonderland, there is even a white rabbit running around with his pocket watch screaming that he is late. A pocket watch is both timeless and elegant. A perfect combination for you to wear it with almost any outfit combination. Even if you are working at a busy bank, a pocket watch will still be a great and “appropriate” add. Checking the time will never be the same, if you have one in your pocket. Check out our collection of Steampunk Pocket Watches here and have turning heads guaranteed!

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Pocket Watch

Steampunk Top Hat: Give your head a wonderful new edge

Steampunk hats won’t just make your outfit great, it will also save you from sun and rain. Hence who could be against wearing one? You will probably not wear it inside an office, but there is plenty of time to show it off on your daily commute to your office building. Depending on your taste, you can match Steampunk Top Hats to a variety of different day to day outfits. A plain black top hat might fit your business outfit, while a crazy colorful leather top hat might suit your job at an art gallery. Check out our collection of Steampunk Top Hats here to find the top hat to bring back the fun in your 9 to 5.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Guide Top Hat

Steampunk Glasses: Your eyes are the most important treasure

To be honest, I would love to get my daily coffee from a barista wearing fancy Steampunk Goggles. Sadly though I should admit that those are probably not the most suitable choice for daily lives. Unless of course you are welding things every day. In that case please go all the way out with your eye wear. For anybody else, Steampunk Glasses are a great alternative. Especially when it comes to Steampunk Sunglasses. Nobody can say anything against someone who wants to protect their eyes from the sun. Hence, they are perfect for any situation in your 9 to 5. At least when you are outside and not in a dark room. Check out retro Steampunk Glasses here.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Guide Retro Sunglasses

Steampunk Necklaces: Make your neck look great again

With Steampunk necklaces it's your choice to make it stand out immediately, or to subtly hang it around your neck. Not limited for women only, Steampunk necklaces will spice up your 9 to 5. Wearing a Steampunk necklace is my personal favorite and was the way I started out when dressing in Steampunk Fashion. Usually they are quite cheap and don’t need too much maintenance. Plus, they are super easy to add to any kind of outfit. Like said above you can make your own decision on how to present your necklace. Having a business meeting with your boss? Maybe hide your necklace underneath your buttoned-up shirt. Having lunch with your co-workers? Leave it hanging out in the open and have some nice outfit compliments for desert. Check out our Steampunk Necklaces collection here to find what fits you best.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Guide Necklace

Steampunk Bags: Empower your bag with amazing style

Steampunk Bags are both practical and fashionable at the same time. You need to carry things from A to B all the time anyways. So why not do it in style? There a plenty of Steampunk Bags to fit any situational outfit. Maybe a leather messenger bag for a business suit. Or a little handbag for a business lady. If you are not bound to “business appropriate” wear you can even go wilder! You could even wear your bag attached to your waist: A fanny pack on steroids! Check out our selection of Steampunk Bags here.

MadBurner Steampunk Fashion Guide Bag

As you can see there are plenty of options to bring back the fun into your 9 to 5. Dressing up (even a little bit) will make your Monday blues disappear instantly. You will be glowing from joy even during your 78th iteration of this super important quarterly sales presentation. The best part about that glow? You will even make the people around you feel your Monday glow! Start spreading the word that the 9 to 5 mundaneness is over now and get your Steampunk accessory today.

Be sure to also check out our three collections to find a steampunk outfit that suits your persona. Choose from the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, or the Ruler of Heart.

I hope I could give you a little overview on how to add Steampunk to your daily outfits with this article. I am currently working on a more in-depth guide to Steampunk fashion.